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I am an energy and environmental engineer with specialisation on energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energies and technical installations of buildings.

I am an OAI member as an energy audit expert with LuxEeB-H certification for residential buildings and energy consultation for buildings envelope’s energy improvement (wall insulation-roof-windows/doors) and technical installations (boilers-ventilations-ac and auxiliary systems).

As part of my professional experience, I’ve worked as production engineer of doors and windows and on technical installations (boilers-ventilation-AC) as consulting engineer and maintenance engineer.


Energy Passport

Energy performance certificate or EPC is the energy indicator of a building that certifies the energy needs. The EPC is mandatory for new buildings, for existing buildings, if a renovation was made and for existing buildings, if a rental/sale was made. The duration of energy performance certificates is 10 years.

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Thermography (a.k.a. infrared) is the technique that permits to obtain a thermal image (called thermographic) of an observed scene in the infrared, using an appropriate equipment, the thermographic camera. This technique is particularly used on building’s surveillance to locate defaults, that could exist on the building envelope.

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Blower Door Test

Blower door test allows measuring the building’s air infiltrations by the envelope’s defaults (exterior walls-roof-floor and frames). For this test, the necessary equipment is called “blower door” which permits to create differential pressure between exterior and interior (50 Pa) in order to measure the airflow under these conditions, either to obtain an air tightness label, either to determine the building’s envelope defaults. Air defaults localisation on building envelopes is achieved by infrared camera or by smoke generation.

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Energy Consultation

Energy consultation are all the actions that are proposed to the owner of building by the energy consultant, targeting the building’s energy efficiency improvement, proposing envelope renovation measures, modifications and proposals of technical installations in a rentable and alternative point of view.

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